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Patient Discount Program

The Ohio Hills Patient Discount Program is a program that may give patients a discount on services utilizing the patient’s household size and income. It is based on the federal poverty guidelines, which are updated each year in January.

Who is eligible?
Any patient that fall within the income guidelines, whether they have insurance or not, and meet the qualified requirements of the application. (Patients with Medicaid or Managed Medicaid are not eligible.)

How does a patient apply for the Patient Discount Program?
Patients can get an application at the front desk at any of our locations (Barnesville, Caldwell, Freeport, Quaker City or Woodsfield), contacting the Patient Accounts Counselor, or by printing and completing Patient Discount Program Application.

What information is needed for the application?
Household size, income, contact information and signature is required. The application defines household and lists acceptable forms of income verification. All information provided is confidential.

What if my income or household size changes throughout the year?
If there are any changes, please reapply.

Are all services at the health center covered under the Patient Discount Program?
Some dental services are not covered under the Patient Discount Program. Example: Lab fees for partials or dentures. 

Can the Patient Discount Program help with prescriptions?
Yes. If you go to one of the contracted pharmacies, you may get help your prescriptions. Participating pharmacies include Bellwood Drugs, Braden Med Services, Cheffy Drugs, Corner Pharmacy, Custer Pharmacy, Gillespie Drugs, Morristown Pharmacy, and Riesbeck Pharmacies in Cambridge, St. Clairsville, and South Zanesville.

Is the Patient Discount Program Insurance?
No. This program will only discount services at OHHC Health and Dental Centers.

What is a Self-Declaration?
This is for any new patients of Ohio Hills Health Centers. It is a one-time discount for the first visit if you qualify. This form is given out by the front desk if a patient would need help. It must be filled out by the patient before they leave the health center. The patient will be given an Ohio Hills Patient Discount Program application to apply for any future visits.

How do I know if I qualify by using the chart?
Find your household size on the Patient Discount Income Chart. Find your income across from the household size. Example: Your household size is 4 and your gross income is $40,000. You would be considered a Slide C. You would pay 40% of the total charges (except some dental procedures that may not qualify for the discount.)

What happens once my application is approved?
The Patient Accounts Counselor will send you a letter for you to bring to your first visit. Once established then an ID card will be mailed to you.  For additional information, contact Brandy Stephens, Patient Accounts Counselor, at (740) 425-5087.